[The Story Behind] How BorderVETS Organized to Support the Illegal Immigration Wall

My organization, “BorderVETS” and I have taken it upon ourselves to secure the border since our government is failing to do so.  To fully understand why, we need to go back in time a bit. As a Marine Corps veteran, I have always been a fierce defender of our nation and one to ensure my fellow veterans are at the forefront of the minds of Americans.

In my career, I have been a Marine Intel Analyst, worked in the Auto Industry and vacation club sales, authored books, and owned several businesses. When I recently owned a car dealership, on the side of the building I put up a sign that read “VETERAN OWNED AND OPERATED”. It was like sending up a “bat signal” as veteran business started to pour in.

What I found is many veterans had trouble affording to buy a vehicle.  I’d ask them, “Do you have any VA Disability Compensation?” They either had no idea what I meant, felt undeserving, or may have even tried to collect compensation and were denied. After helping more than 200 veterans, I realized we have a massive issue here as a nation.

In researching the crisis, I saw that more than 10 million veterans collect zero disability when they are owed these benefits from the VA. It became clear the VA is like an insurance company that does not want to pay its members.  I wondered if I could make this process hassle-free, quick and easy. I decided to form VetComm to solve this massive issue ensuring no veteran is left behind.

Three years later, we have helped to put almost a billion dollars in lifetime income in veterans’ pockets, like this Vietnam War Veteran who can now afford to put a roof over his head thanks to the help we’ve provided for him at VetComm.

As I saw these BIG issues were not being solved by our current elected officials, a run for Congress was in order. I ran on a platform of solutions that provide safety.

I believe the #1 issue when it comes to our nation’s safety is the crisis at the border. Watching a “60 Minutes” special where thousands of migrants were crossing illegally right here in my city of San Diego, I said, “Why don’t I just buy some razor wire and go close this gap.” My fellow veterans and I went out and did just that.  I had no idea at the time that it would spark a fire in the hearts of the American people, waking up a sleeping giant.

I rounded up my fellow veterans and we formed “Border Vets” and have now gone down to the border several times and closed multiple gaps in the border wall ourselves—thereby our fellow citizens that you do not have to go quietly into the night, without a fight.

You can watch our recent segment on Fox News Digital Here showing how these veterans are paying the Mexican Cartels thousands of dollars to cross into America where they have illegal jobs waiting for them driving for DoorDash, Uber, or Lyft.

I will not stop until every veteran is taken care of medically and I will continue to work to bring awareness to the issues of the border and the homeless veteran crisis in America.

I love this country and my fellow veterans and will not stop fighting to ensure that, “No Veteran is Left Behind“.

Kate Monroe, CEO of VETCOMM US
100% Disabled U.S. Marine Veteran
Web:   https://www.VETCOMM.US/get-rated-now/
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YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/@VetCommUS
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