Border Veterans

Keeping Our Oath and Honor to Protect Our Country.

Closing Wall Gaps Today Stops the Invasion Tomorrow!

US Military Veterans took an Oath to Defend with OUR LIVES the Citizens of the United States.  We Stand for Our Flag, We Stand for Truth, Honor and the American Way of Life.  America is Founded on the LEGAL Immigrants to our Country who Support this Cause Too!

About Border Vets Keeping Their Oath to Serve Our Nation:

Border Veterans are the Military Brothers and Sisters who still proudly share the Oath to Defend Our Country and it’s Citizens with Our Lives. 

We believe it is our “ACTIVE DUTY” to not sit on the sidelines but to Stand-Up and Do What Needs to Be Done to Protect Our Nation. We are the U.S. Border Vets.

Border Veterans Standing Up to Protect YOU!

I Secured the Border Myself

Why I Closed the Border Gap

Border Vets with Razor Wire Patching the Border Wall

Border Veterans are Ready, Willing, and Able to Patch Holes in a Wall to Defend Our Country.

Find a way to Join Our Mutual National Safety Cause.  You don’t have to be a Military Veteran.

If you and everyone who can, did what they could to support this cause, we will send a Unified Voice of the People to Washington, D.C. to get the Wall Built and our Immigration Policies Enforced.

We Must Protect our Borders and the Citizens who live behind them.

This is not a debate of Red versus Blue Politics.  This is Protecting the American Red White and Blue of the United States.  Period.